29 off on the 29th day…Portland Family Photography

Dear me….

How can you NOT celebrate February 29th? It’s the day that happens only once every four years….it’s gotta be special right!?!

I always wanted to get married on the 29th of February…I envisioned myself celebrating (big) every 4 years. Alas, I was married February 18th…and it wasn’t even a leap year. BUT, lucky for me I’ve got my own business and can celebrate when and how I want!

For you…29% off. Starting at 9PM on the 28th and lasting for 29 hours. (That’s 2AM Pacific coast time). You MUST pay for the entire session by 2AM on the 1st of MARCH or the session will be charged in full! . This ONLY applies to full price sessions (newborn, travel and births apply)

o.k. I hope to hear from you 🙂


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