7 months, already!?! Portland, Oregon Family Photographer

Has it already been 7 months. Yes…and it’s almost been 8. Wasn’t I just writing status updates about her screaming all night and rolling over for the first time?  The third baby has done something to me and my overall view of motherhood. In the last 7 months I can feel myself becoming less more tolerant and relaxed, less judgmental and more willing to  say no to things that take me away from my littles. It’s a good place for me to be I think…as my sister in law would say “you are where you are…not where you “Should” be”.

Anyway. Here are her 7 month pictures. Great light, no editing and her sweet little face as I’d like to remember it. Squished and crying….and all.

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  1. Linda de Azevedo says:

    Beautiful baby and wonderful sentiments.

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