about me

One of my oldest dreams is to be a National Geographic Photographer, I’m drawn to the realism of life. The stories that make us important in our world. I would flip through the magazine and admire the richness of emotion that lingers within every frame. The people from across the globe have intrigued me my whole life and I daydream about their stories. What do they hope for, what makes them sad and who loves them unconditionally.

While traveling around the world isn’t possible for me in this phase of life (I have four little kids running around downstairs as I type this), I’m still drawn to people and the stories that make them important. I’m curious about your hopes, what makes your heart happy and what about the people that surround you with love? Who are those people and how do you look at them when you’re completely content. 

As a Portrait and Wedding Photographer located in Salt Lake City, Utah I’ve found so much joy in capturing the bond between people and I’ve found I have a gift for helping my clients relax in front of the camera so that I can capture those natural genuine moments. Whether it be those milestones that touch us so infrequently or the daily routines we dance to, think about capturing it with Rachael May Photography. I’d be delighted to be apart of it.