An evening on the town-Portland, Oregon Maternity Photography

Such a fun family. From the minute they walked into Jamison Square they were happy and so grateful to be there! While little Miss wasn’t too keen on looking at me with a big smile, she was MORE then willing to tickle and snuggle up with mom & dad (which is what we want to remember anyway right!?!).

Of course, no maternity session would be complete without a little one-on-one time with mommy. I just adored this shot, when I imagined myself picking up my babies this is what I imagine it looking like. A swift movement as you bring them near and shower their cheeks with kisses.

Here is the part where we take a promised ice cream break and little Miss and daddy get to enjoy the rest of the evening sans photographer 🙂 We roamed around the Pearl District, letting Portland’s nature themed urban architecture inspire us.

Beautiful right!?! Such a glowing mommy who is a wonderful a mother as she is a person. My beautiful friend, it was a pleasure hanging out with you and your family. Capturing this time as it will soon be in the distant past 🙂 Check out Bean and Sprout Photography for her beautiful images of this lovely evening.

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6 Responses to An evening on the town-Portland, Oregon Maternity Photography

  1. shalonda says:

    such a beautiful family and stunning real life photography…bravo hun!

  2. shelby says:

    oh that belly!! she kinda makes me want one..:)

  3. Linda de Azevedo says:

    Simply beautiful –stunning!

  4. linda aylor says:

    Perfect, I love the interest captured in the entire project..Great pictures and lots of insight, good job.. and Mom — Dad and Little SIS you all did a great job too !! Lindi

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