Backyard Locations. Portland Family Photographer

This family is the perfect example of what can be done using just your home as a location. It’s quickly becoming my favorite spot to shoot families, especially families of little kids. It’s such a low key and comfortable spot, (not to mention private! We won’t run into any onlookers or other photographers) and when you book in the spring, summer or fall we have to option of going into the yard…or strolling down to the nearest park.  (come on it’s Portland…I know there is a park within walking distance to your home).

And what kid doesn’t love going to the park to hang in the sunshine?

While I understand this location can stress out mom, I hear time and time again…”but the clutter, Our house is just not that cute”. Chances are you are not looking at it through a viewfinder 🙂 It’s amazing what some depth of field and sliding that orange ball out of frame can do for your images 🙂

Not that I don’t love meeting you at grassy fields the the Peach Tree Orchards! But…if you find yourself searching for a location or looking for something new…don’t discredit the space where you spend so much of your time living and loving each other!



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