Beautiful Snow…Portland Photographer

I forgot how much I love snow, until I was watching it flip, turn and sway down from the sky on a recent trip to Sunriver, Oregon. Growing up in Utah snow was always a regular winter occurrence but after a blink in Monterey, CA and a longer stop in Georgia it’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to watch (and shovel) snow.

I knew when I saw it come down that I wanted to trek out to a nearby bridge that I’d seen on a walk the night before. When I got there I just smiled….the sun was setting as I had hoped and the snow was hanging over the river. FINALLY I could use those filters I bought LAST summer but was too pregnant to use!  I grabbed these to shots quickly before my glove-less hands froze and my backless shoes filled with anymore snow.

Interested in purchasing?
8×12   $45

12×18    $85

16×24      $135

20×30     $255

24×36    $475

E-mail with size and image. Framing available.


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