A Portland Family’s Summer Bucketlist

It’s officially summer. . .well, actually, it became official last Wednesday when my cute kinder threw his school-made graduation cap in the air and sang the sweetest end-of-year songs. You know, the ones you hear them singing in the backseat of the car all week long and  when you ask  about them they say “Nope, I can’t tell. It’s a secret.” Happy Family Movement Summer bucketlist.

I could probably spend a few blog posts simply reflecting on the last 6 1/2 years, but I’m only going to say that I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for the images I have of my kids. They are our moments, the moments that make up our lives.

Happy Family Movement Summer bucketlist. Happy Family Movement Summer bucketlist.
I wanted to start this summer with a challenge. We’d been working on a summer-to-do list for several weeks prior to our Kinder’s graduation. By “working on” what I actually mean is  I asked them three times a day to pick what they wanted to do this summer. The only two answers they came up with where go to the beach (only if it’s warm) and go explore OMSI.  You can imagine the hard selling I had to do to get Symphony in the Park and Hiking on the list.

We pushed hard two days before our official summer date to get the list finalized and up on our wall. Thanks to Happy Family Movement for the tip of having it in an open space for us to see EVERY SINGLE DAY. It helps all of us remember the goal we’ve set to finish these activities.
Happy Family Movement Summer bucketlist.Happy Family Movement Summer bucketlist.

Yeah, that’s right FOOD FIGHT! I’m excited for that one, and I’m trying to convince a few other local moms to join in on the fun (think the movie Hook, only insert a Portland area Park).

I’m happy to report we are off to a great start and have accomplish one item. (we aren’t over achievers in this house). Picnic in the Park, but we’ve done it three times (so maybe we are over achievers).  Our first park adventure was a Northwest kind of day. If you live here, you know exactly the kind of day I’m talking about. One that keeps you indoors all morning with the threat of rain, and when it hasn’t rained by two o’clock you figure the forecast is wrong (again), so you venture outside without an umbrella (because you don’t actually have one). Only to find yourself using the leaves of a nearby tree to keep your cell phone dry while you take pictures  of eight people who keep saying “I think it’s going to let up. My dear friend can verify that I said, probably more than once, “That’s it, I’m going strait to Target to by an Umbrella and I’m keeping it in my backpack”.

Yeah. I haven’t done that yet either.

Happy Family Movement Summer bucketlist.

So here it is. The official list 🙂
summer bucket listIf you’d like to try out a summer bucket list of your own it’s not to late (especially for those of us in the Northwest…we’ve just started our summer). Head over to http://thehappyfamilymovement.com/ and sign up. FOR FREE and join an amazing groups of families who have committed to getting out and having some fun for the Summer of 2013!

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  1. Linda de Azevedo says:

    Coolest thing ever! So glad you posted this so we could share in all the summer fun of keeping a bucket list in the site line so that it gets accomplished. Love you, Love your blog, Love your family!

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