Hiring a Birth Photographer? Portland, Oregon Birth Photographer

It’s usually the last thing you think about until the baby has arrived. Than the overwhelming instinct to capture each and every moment takes over because you know in the back of your mind how quickly the little details will escape your memory.  Even the most diligent of mothers who recapture their birth stories  only days later will have trouble recalling exactly what happened.

Imagine that it’s been done for you. Imagine that the entire story is preserved for you and your little one while you sat in the moments of bliss with your new baby, meeting her for the first time. Not concerned about the details because you know they are being captured for you by a professional birth photographer.

A PROFESSIONAL birth photographer. One you have met with, and discussed your birth plan with. A photographer who understands your wants and respects what you don’t want.

It was only 6 years ago that I had my first baby…and when I think about the day I can remember fuzzy snippets from the dramatic car ride to talking with the doctor. I can remember vaguely holding him in my arms for the first time…but only vaguely. The handful of images I have are with my point and shoot film camera…and I only have ONE of me holding my baby, my first born. Yep, just one.

And every single time I come across that photo…I stop. I stop whatever it is I’m doing and I drink in the memories. It was the day that changed my life. Forever.

9 months ago I had my daughter, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have these images.

I cry every time I watch the slideshow. I can remember the anticipation I had before she arrived as I walk around the room moving labor along.  I see the emotion on my face as the doctors first lay her on my chest and I remember telling her how beautiful she is and that I knew, I just knew she was a girl. While I focus on nursing her, looking at those tiny finger nails and listening to her heart soaring squeaks I know, that unlike my first born, all the moments are quietly being recorded from the other side of the room by my amazing birth photographer.

You see…birth photography captures an event in your life that is so rich with emotion that you should be present in the moments 100%.  It isn’t about how people look…or getting that perfect light. It is ONLY about preserving one of the most amazing events in your life. The images that come from a birth will be the most treasured thing you own…because it will capture the day you met these beautiful little loves. Who changed your life.


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