If I could only give you one. Family Photography in Portland Oregon.

It would be this one.


Because as I mother I shut my eyes and I try to remember the way my babies used to look at me…when we’d catch eyes and they’d stare at me with so much love. I could smell their sweet breath, feel their tiny feet kicking against my legs.  Both of us were just so content. For my youngest, who’s two, I can still see these memories in my mind. They’re still fresh and still happening.  But, for my oldest who’s 7…those memories have started to fade. I try so hard, my eyes squeezed tight, to see him as he was at 9 months old.

Then, I come across a picture that shows us together. Him staring at me and instantly I can clearly see his face. I can smell him and almost feel the weight of him in my arms.

That’s why this one is my favorite. Because in this picture I’ve given you this moment. Forever.

Family Photos in Portland

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