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I am about to offer you a really great deal. But, first I want to tell you why I happened upon this idea. Because I think it’s important that you think about it.

If you spend any amount of time on facebook you know how popular the photo-sharing app Instagram is, I’m sure you’ve seen adorable pictures posted of people’s everyday lives…and maybe even some spectacular images of non-so-everyday life. Heck, maybe even YOU have downloaded the app. and maybe you post a few pictures every week (look me up I’m Rachaelmay1….).


I post a good handful of images a day. Lame images, beautiful images, images of my kids…of my oven, of our hike, of my car and pretty much anything that catches my eye. Like this one
I just walked outside and looked up…and there is was. A picture.

I love the ability to do this…to capture my life all the time, easily. I am a photographer, yes, but when I have a 6 month old strapped to me and two little boys both running in opposite directions I don’t always have the time to carry THE big/good DSLR. I make the ease of the iphone work in my favor 🙂

I was flipping through my iPhone the other day, cleaning out the log of 1200 images that I had acquired and it dawned on me that with this handy little contraption I’d taken far more pictures (albeit one handed) with my kids than I have ever been able to before. I liked this. I like that I have pictures of me WITH my kids. Pre-iPhone I was in an occasional picture…usually handing of THE big/good camera to my hubs or dad and instructing them to “just put the square on my face” (don’t know how this simple sentence gets lost on them…but without fail, I am OUT OF FOCUS).

Which is o.k.

Until, last weekend when I was at my Dad and Step Mom’s House and a cute Ferris wheel of images caught my eye. It was a gift I gave my dad 10 or so years ago, filled with pictures of my sister and I when we were 5 and younger. Such a treasure…an even bigger treasure I realize now that I have my own babies. I turned the Ferris wheel stopping on images and getting lost in the bigger meaning of life when it hit me.

The pictures I was MOST drawn to were the images where I was not alone.  I almost couldn’t stop staring at the images where my dad was holding me, sitting with me, smiling at me. I was taken completely off guard by the rush of importance that those images had to my dad, now that I could relate on a bigger scale having experienced parenthood for myself. My babies would be as old as I am before I realized it, and the images left behind would be my strongest tools in preserving the emotion behind what and how I feel for my children.

Of course I always preach…PICTURES, they are so important.  But what really hit me in this moment was how important pictures are WITH OUR CHILDREN. The pictures where I am alone are wonderful and adorable…I love them. You can see my personality shine whether I’m 2 or 15…

But, the pictures I get lost in, that I treasure beyond words are the ones where you see an interaction. Between me and my family, both parents and children. I truly think it is SO important to have these kinds of images. Especially mamas and their babies. Not often enough (especially in my case) are WE the ones holding our children, we are too busy capturing the moment so it lives on forever!

So…where has all this rambling taken me?

Mama’s, I am VERY excited about this…..I’ve been wanting to offer something like this for nearly 5 years. I had the idea back in Georgia (the peach state, wink)



AND YOUR BABIES (babies is used lightly…kids of all age)


**Only for mom’s and their children (of all ages)

**Maternity welcome

**Because it is unknown exactly when the trees will bloom you’ll be given a 1 weeks notice. If for some reason you CAN NOT make the session the amount is 100% refundable or transferable. 

**Sessions will be held on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

**5-8 images will be presented to clients.

**WEB-SIZED images will be given to each client to post online only, in addition to the prints included. Additional Prints and Digital files are available for purchase.

**Location will be disclosed to participants ONLY, no exceptions.

**limited availability per day. First come First serve.

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  1. Holly blair says:

    Do you still have any time slots available? Such a great idea!

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