Morning fog and Downtown light. Family Photographer Portland, Oregon

One-Family-in-Portland 001 One-Family-in-Portland 002 One-Family-in-Portland 003 One-Family-in-Portland 004 One-Family-in-Portland 005 One-Family-in-Portland 006 One-Family-in-Portland 007 One-Family-in-Portland 008 One-Family-in-Portland 009 One-Family-in-Portland 010 One-Family-in-Portland 011 One-Family-in-Portland 012 One-Family-in-Portland 013 One-Family-in-Portland 014 One-Family-in-Portland 015When the morning fog lingers over Portland only to break as the sun reaches mid-morning heights it produces the most amazing light as the fog evaporates into the sky. This session lucked out on such a day…and it was just really perfect. No matter which direction you looked. Add in some lovely building reflected light onto Tanner Springs Park and you have the perfect lighting combination.

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