My Favorite Moments. Portland Wedding Photographer

As a person I am drawn to moments that are unrehearsed and unfiltered by our ego. It can happen with the shift of an eyebrow or a twitch of a smile. Sometimes the moment draws in the entire body…as if the heart is pulling the strings of movement instead of the brain.

As a photographer these moments are what I watch for.  Rarely can I anticipate them because people are so very different in how and when they will let go. Sometimes the unfiltered moment happens when they are embraced with love and other times it happens when they think I’m not watching.

And sometimes it happens because the moment is overwhelmingly wonderful; the bliss keeps the mind’s filter suspended in mid-air while the moment washes over us.

My favorite moment of this wedding, was not when the bride slipped into her beautiful gown. It wasn’t when the preacher announced that this couple was now husband and wife. It wasn’t with their first kiss or dance or when her father hugged her goodbye.

My favorite moment is one that I almost didn’t catch…had I not been in the habit of watching people I would have put my camera down to move with the crowd.  Lucky for me I am tall and over the shoulders of the guests I could catch an unfiltered moment.

Hand in hand they walked toward the sun, and…as if they’d done it a thousand times before they glanced at each other and laughed. Not an embarrassed laugh, but a laugh that let you see right into their love and trust for each other.   In a swift movement, without ever letting go, he pulled her close and kissed her.

And when they let each other go…..they laughed again.

Brooke and Devan …congratulations.  The world has given you love. Enjoy!

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