One Year. Every Day. Photos. Portland, Oregon Family Photographer

I can’t believe it. I’ve set out to do this project on several occasions…and it took an iPhone and Project App to make it happen 🙂 I’m so proud of myself for doing this….These images mean so much to me…and looking back through them I realize just how much one can forget in a short year.

Things I’ve proven to myself by completing this goal…

1. When you accomplish a goal…you feel really good about yourself. It’s worth powering through when you want to stop.

2. Life doesn’t always provide you with beautiful days.

3. More importantly, that’s o.k. because they still make up your beautiful life.

4. The most capture worthy moments are the ones you create for yourself.

1-January-Photo-College02-FEB blog collage DONE copy03 MAR blog collage DONE copy04 APR blog collage DONE copy05 MAY blog collage DONE copy06 JUN blog collage DONE copy07 JUL blog collageDONE copy08 AUG blog collageDONE copy09 SEP blog collageDONE copy10 OCT blog collageDONE copy11 NOV blog collageDONE copy12 DEC blog collageDONE copy

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8 Responses to One Year. Every Day. Photos. Portland, Oregon Family Photographer

  1. wholly cow!! you did it! nice job 🙂 i’m totally impressed!

    • rachael says:

      lol…I’m a little shocked I finished it. I personally think a little credit has to go to the iPhone….I couldn’t have done it without her….

  2. Lacey R says:

    Very cool, Rachael! It was fun seeing how much Della grew over the year!!

  3. Marcela says:

    I absolutely LOVE this! What a fabulous way to document and remember the little things. It’s especially cool to see how much Della changed over one year! Great job, friend.

    🙂 Marcela

  4. Laurie Rogers-Green says:

    This turned out amazing!!! Great job. 🙂

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