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I haven’t been one for blogging. I think about it often…because I have a very large backlog of amazing client images that I would love to share with you…images I would love them to share with THEIR friends! But, for some reason I just can’t make myself post one blog entry after another of family pictures. No offense at all to those amazing clients who’ve entrusted me with the task of capturing their family…I think I’ve made up for my lack in blogging in facebook fan page posts 🙂

I’ve recently started to think about blogging in a more serious manner….actually writing words that I hope will be inspiring, thought provoking, tell a story and ultimately allow anyone in this small corner of the Internet to get to know me a little better. My senior year of High School I took a creative writing class and I just LOVED it. I loved the exercises we did to pull the words and ideas together. I loved that my teacher never once corrected my grammar/spelling…because in that class it wasn’t about mechanics, it was about ideas. I know that the mechanics of writing are important but I loved finding a part of myself through words and that is what I am aiming to do with this blog (from now on). Sure, you’ll see the occasional family session…when my creative juices are low and I just HAVE to show you but I really want to make this space more about art, creating it with words and images.

I’ve always been drawn to writing but I have always stopped myself from sharing it with anyone because I was so embarrassed by my grammar, my spelling, my run on sentences…my over usage of the dot-dot-dot …all of it. I have this notebook full of short stories, poems and just thoughts that even my husband doesn’t know about. Not a journal, just pieces of writing that inspired me and writing exercises that I kept from my creative writing classes and found in random books at the local used book store (they are the best places for books on “how to write creatively”).

Recently I received a gift from a wonderful friend and client (and secret sister) titled “I-MAG-INE: How creativity Works”.  I’ve been reading it…thinking about it and trying to apply it to me (the artist) and me (the business owner).  I’m always consumed by the ideas I am currently reading so when I came across a series of images that inspired me my right and left brain high fived. It became clear that what I wanted to do wasn’t some project…wasn’t some commitment to blogging on Tuesday’s… it was to write. Write my Images is the name I’ve given this idea of mine.

So. Here it goes….my first post. Writing my images.

Lately, I’ve been feeling this tightness around my creativity. Uninspired. Stressed. I need to produce something great and wonderful…and the more I think this the less I enjoy what I do.

Photography….it’s more then a job to me. It’s a way to find myself, to communicate with the world. It’s a way to remember and inspire. It’s a way to explore and relate.

It’s my life. Period. It’s party of who I am. Be it iPhone, point and shoot, or big mama….I love pictures. I even love when they aren’t mine, and I love it even more when they belong to the metal tin, inside the small room at a sporadically visited antique shop.

When people offer the advice “do what you are passionate about” I know that I have. But lately I feel like my passion is being tightly bound by a bract. I had to look it up too. Go ahead and Google it 🙂

OR look….this is a Bract (how was that for writing my images? nice little tie in, a stretch I know…but a tie in none the less).
I know that this thing, this bract, peels open and the flower petals push out to stretch their delicate limbs. I can feel it…in the quickening of my heart beat when I imagine what I want my images and my art to be. I know it’s going to burst…soon, but right now…in this moment…in this computer chair…quickly typing before my kid’s school lets out I feel bound by the pale purple threads that make up my creativity’s enclosure.

I am well aware of my common ideas on this subject… I am just a tiny bud in a sea of artists who struggle with creativity, success and passion. I read several blogs where artists struggle with this or other obstacles and the ways they deal with it inspire me (keeps me coming back). I read the tips and tricks they offer…ways they combat the artist blues and how they push themselves to grow. Even their work inspires me. That Bract (such an ugly word) starts to peel away and those delicate petals of creativity push through. Like a support group these blogs/artists help me start somewhere… in my search to connect with my creativity.

In the end…even in writing a more insightful blog post I realize maybe the bract that bounds my creativity is fear.  I sit here…ready to save this post as a draft (with the 30 others I’ve written in the last few months) scared to let you all know what I think. Terrified of the criticism that is surly to ignite conversations that I’ll never hear.

You know what?

I don’t care anymore.

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5 Responses to photographer’s thoughts on creativity. Portland, Oregon Family Photographer

  1. Dean Wirick says:

    This is amazing. The thoughts and prose were sublime and very well put together. I really look forward to your future blogs.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for posting, I really needed to read that.

  3. Marcela says:

    Uh, how did I possibly miss this when you initially posted it? Absolutely loved it!!

    By the way, I’ve been pondering the purchase of “Imagine” after I posted it on skirt! (for work) and just haven’t done it. I think I will get it. My creativity is at an all time low and needs a major boost.

    Anyway, miss you friend and just loved the images with this post.


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