quick…it stopped raining. Portland Photographer

Sometimes I complain about the sun setting so late, like when I have a one year old to photograph who’s bedtime is well before the golden hour.  However, when I have my own babies who are needing to be in bed I am grateful that I can snuggle them, sing to them and then run out the door for a quick sunset. (thankfully I live in a state where beautiful photographs are literally across the street from where I live).

I recently read that great light for landscapes can happen on the edge of the storm…so when the rain fell and the sunshine peaked through I grabbed my camera and RAN out the door. I have been eyeballing this clover field…debating on whether those “Do Not Trespass” signs were really ALL that serious. Turns out…they weren’t….

But something a little deeper hit me as I stood in the middle of this field…the sun-setting, lighting up the sky with shades of blue, orange and pink. Man….the world is so big. There are so many millions of things to see, and experience. So many millions of people, who are wonderful and splendid and intriguing. I want to meet as many of those people as I can…and I want to have as many of those experiences as time will afford me. I truly felt, standing amongst the red clover that is slowly drying up with spring, this amazing sense of gratitude for my life. I hope I get to keep it for a very long time.

Enjoy the weekend my friends.

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