Snuggles and Love. Portland Newborn Photographer

The Maternity/Newborn Combo session. I love getting to know your family before baby gets here 🙂 This kind of session is perfect for older siblings as well 🙂 The last images of them before your family grows can be very special. It will never be just the 3 of you (or 4 or 5 or 6 or…) again.

one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0012 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0013 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0014 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0015 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0016 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0017 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0018 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0019 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0020

And then came baby 🙂

one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0001 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0002 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0004 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0003 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0006 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0005 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0008 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0007 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0009 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0010 one-Newborn-Portland-Photographer0011

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