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I posted here about our family summer bucket list a few months ago. I had originally planned to blog throughout the summer as we tackled the fun items on our list. However, when I went to blog our very first outing, The Hot Air Balloon Festival, I decided that what I wanted to try and do was not look at the pictures from each event until Summer was over and our moments where now memories.

I believe there is an element of longing that can only come when time has passed. Maybe it’s the rose colored glasses are easier to wear?  For some reason I treasure the images from last year more than the ones from this year,  funny how that works. You should try looking back through your images from 3 years ago. It’s shocking how quickly you forget the little details about any given memory.

I notice too that the pictures I’m drawn to are different when I’ve had a few months to step away. I’m no longer craving perfection but rather drawn in by emotion. I stared at the picture below much longer than I did at the one of both of us looking at my husband, smiling perfectly. This is a unique insight for me as a photographer and one I wouldn’t have gotten if I’d rushed to blog about our adventure.

mom and daughter
I have wanted to go to the Hot Air Balloon Festival for as long as I can remember. I think I went once when I was younger, but I don’t have any memories of it. (Could I make a stronger case for everyday photography in our lives?)

I had planned on going to this event for about a month, what I didn’t do was tell my husband that I was planning on going. Ooops 🙂 It was quiet a shock to him when I let him know 48 hours prior that this was, in fact, going to happen. I think he secretly thought that the alarm would go off at 4am and I would roll over and decide it just wasn’t worth it.

You can clearly see….we made it. I have the bucket list to thank. This was the first item on my list…the first Summer thing we were going to do, how could I set the tone for our summer by sleeping through it?

So we got up, got the kids bundled and in the car with their bagged cereal and we headed out to the launch site. I have to send a personal thank you to my husband….I would NOT have pulled this off so smoothly if it wasn’t for his willingness to support me and my crazy ideas.

storyboard047 copyWhen we pulled up some balloons were starting to fill with hot air. I had no idea how close we would get an it turns out that we could literally sit underneath the balloons and watch them fill and raise in the sky. It was a neat experience…and one I was so glad we powered through to see.
storyboard054 copy storyboard048 copy storyboard051 copy storyboard052 copy storyboard046 copy storyboard050 copy storyboard045 copy Hot Air Ballon adventure Oregon
The rest of the day was a little rough-but the overall experience was completely worth it. I’d recommend it to everyone and I’ll think about adding it to our list next summer 🙂

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