sunshine of curiosity. Portland Photographer

Really, what can I say about the importance of letting kids explore their curiosity? I think many people have written about it…photographed it and hopefully even practiced it.

I came across a few paragraphs in the book I’m reading “I-Mag-ine” that talked about creativity and how it works in the brain and how it lives in most of our brains. The book explains that one of the biggest hurdles in tapping into one’s creative side is overcoming a section of our brain that safe guards us from public humiliation. Being judged…

I had to stop reading the book and put it down….hadn’t I just… JUST… written about this (oh, three posts ago)? About my struggle with doing just want I love because I was afraid. Afraid of how I might look? Afraid of how people will perceive me? My work? How would it affect my portrait bookings (which I desperately need) with my personality, my truest personality, splashed all over my blog in misspelled run on sentences?

Ohhh, talking about hitting the nail on the head 🙂

I read on and happened across an idea about art and creativity that I just have to share.  It was a quote by Yo-Yo Ma (whom I had to look up I’ll admit) for an interview by The New Yorker in 1989.

“If you are worried about making a mistake, then you will communicate nothing. You will have missed the point of making music (I insert photography and writing) which is to make people feel something.”

While I will not be so grand as to think my writing makes you feel anything. But my imagines…I think they can. I think they do.

They make me feel something, which is where I’m trying to focus my work anyway.

I instantly thought of this image I took of a friends little girl. I downloaded images from this evening and went looking in particular for this image because I knew the moment I took it that it would make me feel something. I didn’t share it right off the bat because I let my brain get in the way. It wasn’t perfect (or perfect like the other photos being posted from this evening) and I got in my own way…thinking that it had to be like everyone else’s…and being to afraid to break from what I thought people wanted to feel and what I wanted to feel.

                                                             Sunshine on Curiosity

I am in love with this imagine. I love that the sun lights ups the very object that this little girl is curious about…she held it up and twirled it in the air when I told her that leaves can glow. To me this image is literal and metaphoric for me. Slowing down and allowing our curiosity to guide us through life, it is then that the sunshine will warm the creative soul. Helping us see common everyday things in a new light.

Maybe this image moved you? Maybe  this will be the last time you’ll visit my blog. Either way I’m happy because just in my talking about why I love it…posting it (in a very public manner) and getting over my fear of being judged I feel like I’m maybe headed in the right direction. For me as and artist. As a Photographer. Possibly as a person…but we’re not going to go that far just yet 🙂

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  1. Liz says:

    I absolutely love this photograph! It shows what being a child is all about…curiosity and exploring. It’s beautiful.

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