Sweet Newborn. Beaverton Newborn Photographer

A few months ago I met this lovely family to capture their new baby girl. The inspiration to this session, and will be for other newborn portrait sessions, is capturing lifestyle. I know it’s a buzz word for portrait photographers these days so I thought I’d write a few thoughts about what I think LIFESTYLE means. Especially for newborns.

Most photographers recommend that you capture your sweet baby within 10 days of being born. Sometimes (especially if baby isn’t the only one) this can be hard as you struggle to adjust to lack of sleep and getting to know this new person. The reason that most photographers require you to book within 10 days is because they start to perk up a bit making it difficult to pose these new little babies. With lifestyle photography you have a bit more wiggle room for booking a session as no posing of the baby will be done. Although, don’t wait too long….they start to gain weight and grow before you bat an eye. The sooner the better for booking a lifestyle newborn session….but within a month is recommended.

A lifestyle photographer captures just that….the way you’ve styled your life. The clothes, blankets, nursery room and other little details that make your life unique and important for you. A lifestyle photographer, like myself, will use their surroundings and the families interactions to guide their session. Not props or poses that are popular right now. While those are beautifully done it is not what inspires me.

No two collection of images come out looking just the same in a lifestyle session, yet…as you can see from this newborn’s images…the emotion is (if not more so) touching as you are quickly drawn into the time when you first brought baby home. Exciting, sleepy, wrapped in her grandmother’s hand made baby blanket…receiving enough kisses so that she knows she’ll always be loved.


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