Waiting for baby. Maternity Photographer in Portland

A beautiful maternity session from an equally beautiful family. Just goes to show how a little adventure and a low stress attitude can produce beautiful images that capture an experience that is sure to quickly become a memory.

This little one is expected to arrive any minute (quite literally) and I can’t wait to meet baby for out Newborn Session! Watching a family grow is truly one of the best perks of this job. 🙂 Maternity pictures by Rachael May Photography Maternity pictures by Rachael May Photography Maternity-Portland-Photographer0003 Maternity-Portland-Photographer0004 Maternity-Portland-Photographer0005 Maternity-Portland-Photographer0006 Maternity-Portland-Photographer0007 Maternity-Portland-Photographer0008 Maternity-Portland-Photographer0009 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0001 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0002 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0003 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0004 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0005 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0006 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0007 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0008 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0009 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0010 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0011 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0012 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0013 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0014 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0015 Portland-Maternity-Photographer 0016

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