yes, sentimental….Portland, Oregon Photographer


It was like the freedom bug caught a hold of us…our sanity was going to be saved in Charleston, SC. At the time I decided to go on this little adventure I hadn’t realized what a huge impact these lovely ladies would have on my life. Three years later none of us lives within a state of each other. None of us lives in the same time zone….we all still have a piece of beauty, comfort and laughter that will forever stay with us. And photos. Ohhh, the photos.

I was the first to move and at the time I didn’t realize how much I as walking away from…I silently cried under the moonlit sky on our trek down the 520 to the Augusta Airport. How was I going to weather standing at the side of a park, tell my son that no…D and J would not be there. How would I fare running those 8 miles alone, with no one waiting for me when I got done. What about the birthday parties? The lunches together? (my god…Oregon didn’t even have a Chick Fil-A) Starting businesses? Fixing computers? Learning photography? CAMPING. Oh, dear me… the Camping. (that was an adventure). I could do it…I just had to get out there. Meet those people waiting for me in Oregon.

I  ventured out one morning when I found my self alone with the boys. School and work had started for everyone else around me and I “had to get out”.  I picked a park recommended for it’s breathtaking views and arrived with the intention to “make friends”. As I stood at the park alone, chilled breeze brushing my hair and the green hills poking the sky, the beauty…the loneliness…took my breath away. Two weeks had gone by and it hit me like a sneeze in a silent room. Life…motherhood in particular…would never be the same.

I’ve done o.k.

but, as Melissa so simply put it. I miss us.


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3 Responses to yes, sentimental….Portland, Oregon Photographer

  1. Lacey R says:

    Beautiful, Rachael!

  2. Oh my, perfect. I’m telling you we need to figure out how to live closer, somehow, there has to be a way!

  3. las artes says:

    Me? I just feel sooo tired… This is reality. I’m tired of chasing my dreams, It wasn’t so easy as I thought it was. I’m tired of looking for a new job all the time, ’cause nothing can make me stay. I’m tired of waiting for someone who I can chat to at night. Friends, Strangers, Whatever, Whoever. It will help pass time. I’m tired of arguing with myself whether to stop smoking and drinking and all that bad habits. I’m tired of feeling pretty in the evening and ugly when I wake up. I’m tired of waiting for that next event that will give highlight to my boring days. I’m tired of playing online games but not really. I’m tired of getting excited over some handsome guys or pathetic loser who’s trying to get to know me and waste my time. I’m tired of explaining myself to some people who didn’t really care but asks anyways. I’m tired of seeing people getting bf and gf for so many times when I couldn’t even get one, just one. I’m tired of trying to look for a new music or movie that will entertain me. I’m tired of wondering why my friends seems to dissapear one by one as time passes by. I’m tired of looking at the starless sky and thinking if the few people who loved me knows my sorrow now. I’m tired of going out alone, eating alone, sleeping alone. I’m tired of going to parties and then go home drunk and alone. I’m tired of seeing tired people and poor kids who can’t even buy a slipper. I think I am tired of life and tired of many other reasons.

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