a year in review. Portland, Oregon family photographer.

This summer I wrapped up several First Year Sessions and I found myself wanting to share with you the experience my clients have had working with me for an entire year. I think it’s important that you (as a client or potential client)  have an idea of how I work and what others have thought about working with me.  (btw, if you have a review good or bad I encourage you to share).

Here is a Year in Review for my first Portland, Oregon “Year of Sessions” client….who really has become a friend.

What sort of images did you hire Rachael May for? What have you done/will do with those images?

My husband and I hired Rachael May for my maternity, birth, my daughters newborn, six month and one year photographs along with a with session for mothers day and another with my sister’s family. We have made photobooks, framed photos for our house and gifts to family, created a printed storybook starring my daughter, a photo slideshow of all our photos and postcards for holidays.

Do you have an example that sticks out in your mind that would sum up what she is like as a photographer?

We had Rachael May photograph my daughters birth. In short she arrived, we said hello and the next thing I know it was time for her to go home. She knows exactly when to be a fly on the wall and give us the moment. The photographs on the other hand show an intimate morning that we’ll never forget. She is incredibly versatile from birth photography to rangeling toddlers and mother-in-laws.

What kind of information did she give you to help you get ready for your sessions? Was it easy to communicate with her?

Rachael May provided several options for locations and times making sure she understood what type of feel we were going for the session. She provided driving instructions and tips for parking. She also helped with outfit suggestions giving some very helpful hints about colors to try and avoid. Rachael is always extremely easy to contact and quick to respond to my questions.

Can you describe a typical session with Rachael May? What can future clients expect during a session?

When you arrive at your session, Rachael May is always there with a smile on her face and ready to get started. She has a gift for easing you into a shoot without making you self conscious. She is prepared with a plan and guides the entire session moving her subjects from one space to the next while providing gentle cues on how to move your body to bring out your best features. She is always prepared with extra batteries, memory cards, lenses and other accessories. It always seems like a pampering event to have a photo shoot with her!


What are some of your favorite images from any of the sessions you had with her? 

I have lots of favorite images from each session we’ve had with Rachael May! My maternity photos caught the light-hearted, un-sleep-deprived, soon-to-be parents that were full of excitement. The birth photos captured the first time my husband held his daughter- priceless. Her newborn photos are so sweet and innocent… I couldn’t be happier with all of our family photos. My favorite photo by far is one where my husband, daughter and I were playing peak-a-book under a sheet on our bed. My daughter has this look I can only describe and pure childhood glee. I will always cherish these photos.

If you could leave one last thought with future clients what would it be?

Listen to her, she knows what she’s doing! 🙂 I would recommend Rachael May to my dearest friends. She is everything I could want in a photographer. She makes you feel like an old friend immediately while maintaining a professional presence. The results will last a lifetime.


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