Frozen Oregon. Portland Oregon Photographer

One-Frozen-Oregon One-Frozen-Oregon One-Frozen-Oregon One-Frozen-Oregon Frost-Covered-Leaves Frost-Covered-Leaves Frost-Covered-Leaves Frost-Covered-Leaves Morning-Frost-Portland Morning-Frost-Portland Frost-Covered-Drops Frost-Covered-Drops Frost-Covered-Drops Frost-Covered-Drops Shapes-of-cold Shapes-of-cold
Winter has a strange way of bringing beauty to the lifeless. It’s reaching crystals paint everything they touch with a beautiful white. It’s pure when it first falls on you, dancing with the droplets in the air to making them still. Disappearing when the color returns to the sky. This, is a macro view of Oregon when she freezes.

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5 Responses to Frozen Oregon. Portland Oregon Photographer

  1. Jen Downer says:

    Absolutely Beautiful, Rachael! There is something so magical about the frost, and you captured it so well.

  2. Deborah Bernard says:

    Beautiful images! Love macro photography!

  3. These turned out beautiful!! So jealous you braved it.. i sat inside and thought about going out 🙂

  4. Anna says:

    These are beautiful!!! I miss the crisp cold mornings!

  5. Lacey R says:

    Lovely!! I enjoy others’ beautiful nature photos as much as I do taking them. It would be so fun to go nature shooting together!

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