Silly Love. Portland, Oregon Family Photographer

SUCH a pleasure working with this family for the second time! Repeat clients are so wonderful because we’ve already worked together. Repeat clients know my quirks and their kids already know they’re in for a fun session so the two hours we spend together are usually packed with more adventure then getting-to-know-you’s.

And with this family….the laughter never stops.


Photo bombs, GQ faces, sword fights, karate kicks and hugs. All of this stuff is wonderful

You know why this stuff is good? Do you know why I tell your kids it’s o.k to photobomb their sister’s photo? and why I say “O.k,  let’s do one silly shot and then one happy shot”? Because it loosens everyone up….it’s not a tedious task any more to look at the photographer and smile.  It’s a time that you can jump high in the air and and look at the back of the camera to see who’s making the silliest face.

Family photos shouldn’t be a chore….they should be fun and a time that you’ve set aside to just hang with your kids. Silly, serious, curious, adventurous, loving, shy…whatever it looks like just let it be…and the emotion will stop you in your tracks every time.

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