Wait, before you go….Portland Family Photography

Lately I’ve received a few inquiries for family pictures because a parent has to deploy. My aim for these sessions is to just go out and spend time together. I’ll capture those belly laughs and sweet kisses, BIG hugs and tender moments. THEY ARE THE STUFF FAMILIES ARE MADE OF….and as one parent begins the journey to faraway lands it’ll be the flashes of love they’ll reflect on.

So, to this energetic family (whom I had a great time capturing) be strong and good luck. I hope these images will help in the moments when you heart aches.

Portland-Family 02 Portland-Family 01 Portland-Family 03 Portland-Family 04 Portland-Family 05 Portland-Family 06 Portland-Family 07storyboard029

storyboard028 storyboard030 Portland-Family 08 Portland-Family 09 Portland-Family 10 seattle-family 01 seattle-family 02 seattle-family 03 seattle-family 04 seattle-family 05 seattle-family 06 seattle-family 07 seattle-family 08 seattle-family 09 seattle-family 10 seattle-family 11 seattle-family 12 sweet girl smiles fun-pictures-Portland 01 fun-pictures-Portland 02 fun-pictures-Portland 03 fun-pictures-Portland 04 fun-pictures-Portland 05


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  1. This might be your best session. Great light and editing- loved them all.

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